Xujiahui Technology Denseness Area and Technology Park of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Withub Business Incubator was appraised to be National Hi-Tech Incubation Service Center.

Shanghai Withub Hi-Tech Business Incubator (National Hi-Tech Incubation Service Center) was opened. It was established by Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, People’ Government of Xuhui District and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in May of 1999. By the end of 2002, Withub Business Incubator had constructed 3 incubation bases, which covered 43,000m2 and contained more than 200 incubation enterprises (more than 70% of them were IT enterprises). In 2001, Withub Incubation Base was appraised to be Shanghai Green Metropolis Industrial Park. On April 8, 2002, Shanghai Withub High Technology Incubation Center was authenticated by the Ministry of Science and Technology to be National Hi-Tech Incubation Service Center. Incubation in Withub had some popularity in Shanghai and its surrounding regions and even it was well known in China. Especially its style and experience of reconstructing the old factory building to the high technology industry center was compliment by the authority and related units. It had been recognized to establish the character and the brand of Withub BusinessIncubation and staff of high quality in incubation service were forming.

The opening ceremony of National Hi- Tech Incubation Service Center was held.

On June 26, the report meeting of the third establishing anniversary of Shanghai Withub Hi-Tech Business Incubator, which was also the opening ceremony of National Hi-Tech Incubation Service Center, was ceremoniously held in the grand hall of Withub Business Incubator Base located in 333 Hongqiao Road. The governors including Pei Xiasheng, Vice Director of Torch Center of Science and Technology Department, Zhao Weimin, Secretary of Party committee of Shanghai and vice director of Shanghai Science Committee, Sun Feizhong, Vice Mayor of Xuhui District, Wang Zongguang, Secretary of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Xie Shenwu, President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University attended the open ceremony on invitation. Pei Xiasheng and Wang Zongguang exposed the tablet of Center. All the leaders at the meeting highly commented the achievements of Withub Business Incubator during the 3 years and hoped it to work hard on the aspects of management innovation, service innovation and system innovation, to improve its service level and quality of the incubator, to make the center be the pioneer in the field of incubation in China and to contribute more to the development of hi-tech industry in Shanghai.

Shanghai Jiaotong University (Xuhui) Software Park became the City-Level Software Industrial Base.

Shanghai Jiaotong University Xuhui Software Park was established by Shanghai Withub Hi-Tech Business Incubator together with Xuhui Software Base on December 8, 2001. On January 16, 2002, Shanghai Development and Plan Committee and Shanghai Informatization Office authenticated it to be the first group of City-level Software Industrial Base of Shanghai. Up to the end the year, it had 8 bases with an area of 80,000m2 and it had 163 enterprise which made the output value of RMB535 million and paid the tax of RMB 48.39 million (including the local tax of RMB 38.87 million). Meanwhile, there appeared a lot of software enterprises with good prospects and high popularity. Among them, they were Shanghai Hambow Technology Co., Ltd. which exploited the tax-control system and won the title of National Key New Product; Shanghai Tengxing Technology Co., Ltd. which exploited Chinapay on-line payment system, had the main business orientation of B2B and on-line payment agency with 51% of its stock owned by China Unionpay and developed the e-business; Ctrip Network Company (www. ctrip.com), which owned the domestic hotel-booking center, website of tourism e-business and the comprehensive tourism service company; Shanghai YesHi Technology Co., Ltd. which owned the website (www.texIndex.com), and was specialized in textile; and who engaged in the output of software to U.S.A. The Software Park is not only the bridge between the enterprises and the government, but also the bridge for the enterprises to get capital. Shanghai Incubation Investment Company, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Xuhui Government set up Shanghai Jiaotong University Incubation Fund with RMB150 million that stressed on the investment on the enterprise of the Park. Xuhui Software Development Col, Ltd., Shanghai Incubation Investment Company Ltd. and Tsinghua Investment Co., Ltd. established the software venture capital of RMB 45 million. The Software Park had built up the cooperative fellowship with 68 risk investment enterprises and started Xuhui Software Association with more than 100 members.

85 Enterprises introduced into Leshan Base

Shanghai Withub Hi-Tech Business Incubator Leshan Base was located in 33 Leshan Road, former factory building of Shanghai Xinfeng Color Spinning Mill. Because of the bankruptcy, its property was auctioned. After the auction, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Technology Park Co., Ltd. got the estate with nearly RMB30 million and then invested RMB 25 million more for the reconstruction. The project was started in October 2001 and was put into use in June 2002. Meanwhile, it was authenticated the Green Metropolis Industrial Park and began to work. The old factory building had a construction area of 12,000m2 and covered an area of more than 6,000m2. After the reconstruction, the construction area was enlarged to 21,000m2 and the leasing area of 18,600m2. Leshan Road Base had a quiet and beautiful environment that was suitable for the development of the technology enterprises. Up to the end of the year, there had been 85 enterprises coming into Park. Among these enterprises, there were 61 enterprises registered in Xuhui District, accounted for 71.76% of all the enterprises. In Park, the majority were hi-tech enterprises, including 52 IT enterprises, 2 biography and medicine enterprises and 7 other enterprises. In the process of the construction, it was supported by the special fund of metropolis Industrial Park from Shanghai Economic Committee and Xuhui Economic Committee. Thus, Leshan Road Base, together with Hongqiao Road Base (former Shanghai Jingchang Color Spinning Mill) and Nandan Road Base (former Shanghai Baoji Leather Shoes Factory), formed the 3 incubator base of Shanghai Withub Hi-Tech Business Incubator.

Withub Hi- Tech Street Shanghai Jiao Tong University was Completed and Opened.

On September 28, Xuhui Government and Shanghai Jiaotong University held the completion and opening ceremony of Withub Hi-Tech Street Shanghai Jiao Tong University (first phase). The headquarters of Xuhui District and Shanghai Jiao Tong Unversity participated the ceremony and cut the ribbon. The street was built up by Withub Hi-Tech Street Co. Ltd. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, which was established by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Xuhui Government. The technology street was located at Guangyuan Road (W) to Yishan Road (N) section, and from Huashan Road on the east and Hongqiao Road on the west, which had a total length of 500 meters. It was made up of 5 major items which were Withub Hi-Tech Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shopping Center, Shanghai Network Commodities Fair, A Level Foreign Affairs Related Office Building of Technology Street, IT service stores and Withub Hi-Tech Street Shanghai Jiao Tong University Plaza. It combined the service, training, consultation and maintenance of IT technology and it had formed a big regulated IT service market. Up to the end the year, it had more than 200 enterprises including 52 technology enterprises which contained many famous domestic and foreign enterprises such as Qinghua Thunis and BenQ of Taiwan. At the same time, the second phase of Withub Hi-Tech Street (Guangyuan Road (W) section phase II) was under plan and it would be built to make the technology street to the No.1 Street of IT Service in China.

New coming of 194 Technology Enterprises in the Compact District

In 2002, because of the new coming of 194 technology companies, the leasing of Xujiahui Technology Compact District made great achievements. In the new technology enterprise, 107 of which were IT enterprises, 7 of which were biology and medicine enterprises and 80 of which were other enterprises. The coming of more and more technology enterprises practically improved the convergency of the technology enterprises in the Compact District and further strengthened the disposal consistence of the technology resources.

The Second Phase of Xuhui Software Base Project Started

The second phase of Xuhui Software Base project was mainly to construct an intellectualized building, which covered an area of 3,840m2 and a construction area of 21,444m2, at the intersection of Panyu Road and Hongqiao Road. It would combine the incubation, trade, authentication and comprehensive support of software enterprises. The project started on December 5 and was planed to finish in October 2004.

Xuhui Government, Fudan University and Shanghai Institutes for Biological Science, CAS Signed the Agreement of Cooperation.

On August 13, at the press conference Shanghai Biological Characteristic Industry-----Focusing on Xuhui that was held in Huating Hotel with the attendance of Shanghai Economic Committee and Xuhui Government, Fudan University and Shanghai Institutes for Biological Science, CAS signed the agreement of cooperation for promoting the construction of Fudan Fenglin Technology Park and Shanghai Huike Biotechnology Park. Taking Fenglin Rd. to be the axes, Fudan Fenglin Technology Park covered an area with Xiaomuqiao Road to its east, Wanping Road (S) to its west, and Lingling Road to its south and Zhaojiabang Road to its North, and it also contained the Italy Building on Zhaojiabang Road. As there were lots of research institutions and technology enterprises of biology medicine, the subscription of the agreement would promote the development of the biology medical industry in Xuhui District. The corporation between Xuhui Government and Shanghai Institutes of Biological Science were mainly on the purpose of making use of the chances that the subordinate Animal Experiment Center of Shanghai Institute of Biological Science would reform the system to move it from Songjiang District to Xuhui District and registering Shanghai Slecker Experimental Animal Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, Xuhui Government would make an all-out effort to promote the construction of Shanghai Huike Biotechnology Park on 500 Caobao Road. Furthermore, the government would make a detailed plan and development target of foundational construction, leasing, public technique service platform and public service platform of the government. At the meeting, Vice Mayor Jiang Yiren, Secretary of Party Committee of Xuhui District Mao Minggui, Vice President of Shanghai Political Consultation Committee Zuo Huanchen, District Mayor Shen Jun respectively exposed the tablet of Fudan Fenglin Technology Park and Shanghai Huike Biotechnology Incubator Base.

The Conversazione of the Technology Park was Held.

On August 27, Xuhui Government held the first conversazione of the technology park and the industrialized base. The headquarters of the technology parks and technology-industrialized bases in the district and the headquarters of the related departments of Xuhui District Science Committee attended the conversazione. Vice District Mayor Sun Feizhong, attended the conversazione and made a speech. After a few years’ development, there had been more than 20 technology areas, such as the university technology parks, the technology Incubation centers, the technology industrialized bases, the technology characteristics street, etc, in Xuhui District. They were the carrier of the cooperation among the government, universities and institutions, the platform of the combination of product-study-research and technology-industry-trade. They provided the conditions for the transform of the technology achievement and for the development of private technology enterprises. They were the highlights of hi-tech industry development in the district and the potential growth point of development of local economy. The leader of the district said at the conversazione that we should make better use of the macro-control of the government, improve the service and guide for the technology parks and bases and realize the policy that the government had formulated. Meanwhile, they required that the technology parks and bases should persist in conception innovation, the technology innovation and system innovation in the process of development of technology parks and bases. Moreover, according to the policy of Encouraged by the Policy, Guided by the Finance, Participated by the Society, Set up by the Market and Operated by the Enterprise, further constructed and perfected the environmental system for the comprehensive development of the technology parks and bases and finally supported some technology enterprises which had the real strength, good image and model function.

Three Sides Establish Shanghai Southwest Software Park

In order to promote the development of the software industry in Shanghai, Xuhui Government, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, base on the two city-level software parks (Shanghai Jiao Tong University Xuhu) Software Park and the Software Park of Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park), establish Shanghai Southwest Software Park. According to the requirement of State Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Information Industry that the construction of National Software Industry Base must be substantially operated, the three sides decide to establish Shanghai Southwest Software Park Co., Ltd., which is responsible for unveil of Shanghai Huike Biotechnology Incubator Base and operation and management of whole park and they signed formally the investment agreement on December 23. The registered capital of Shanghai Southwest Software Park Co., Ltd. is RMB10 million and the shareholders include Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jiao Tong University Technology Park Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Xuhui Software Development Co., Ltd. It would make full use of the advantages of the convergency of software industry in Caohejing Hi-Tech Park and the advantages of the personnel and technology of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, with the service for the development of the software industry of Xuhui Government, to create and explore a new style that the national development zone, famous university and central administration district of Shanghai cooperate to establish the software industrial base and make it be a software base which is domestically the best and internationally famous