In Shanghai, to China, for the World——For the Opening Ceremony of Shanghai Clinical Research Center

Shanghai Clinical Research Center was announced to be officially launched in its opening ceremony on Feb.23. The ceremony was presided over by Bao Bingzhang, the Deputy District Chief and the Secretary-general of the Council of Shanghai Clinical Research Center. Shen Xiaoming, the Deputy Mayor of Shanghai, and Wang Hongguang, the Director of China Biotechnology Development Center, sent their messages of congratulation. Mr. Shen and Mr. Wang, together with Mao Minggui, the District Secretary and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the District NPC, unveiled the plaque of the Center. Chen Yin, Administrative Chief of Xuhui District addressed the meeting.
Located in the Caohejing Hi-tech Park, Shanghai Clinical Research Center currently has an operating space of 3,300 square meters, including a central laboratory of 1,300 square meters, a data management center of 400 square meters, an office space of 1,500 square meters, and another over 100 square meters space for employee’s lounge. The construction of the permanent operating site of the Center in Fengling Life Science Park, one of the six dominant functional zones in Xuhui District, will be launched soon. The total investment of the site is expected to be around 1 billion Yuan. With an overall floorage of 47,000 square meters, the site will be ready for operation in 2011.
Proposed by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and the Shanghai Municipal Government, Shanghai Clinical Research Center is jointly founded by the Municipal Science & Technology Committee and the Government of Xuhui District. As “in Shanghai, to China, for the World” in principle, the Center is the first institution providing full range services including clinical research management, lab testing and professional training, etc. Focusing on the hospital network and the technical platform as the supportive infrastructure, the enter was initiated with multiple functions named as “one Base and six Centers”, which will be operating under an effective mechanism.Basically, the “Clinical Research Management Center” and the “Clinical Research Training Center” provide functions of resource management; the “Central Laboratory” and the “Data Management and Statistics Center” provide functions of technical support; the “Clinical Research Sample Center” and the “Translational Medicine Research Center” provide functions of research and development. With an integration of the said functions, the Center endeavors to become an innovative platform for sharing resources in between pharmaceutical companies and clinical research players, and make contributions to the development of advanced technologies of clinical research in China.
The establishment of Shanghai Clinical Research Center attracted many attentions from different aspects. Following reasons could contribute to the successful innitiative: the Center will facilitate the development of healthcare industry and the top-end medical and research service industry in Xuhui District; it will facilitate the globalization progress of medical research in China by providing necessary technical support for further global trials; it will improve the globalization level of the clinical research forces in the state key innovation drug development projects; it will help Shanghai to better fulfill the key research projects designated by he State Ministry of Science and Technology and Shanghai Municipal Government, which will allow the Center to progress towards a core state R&D service organization.
The establishment of the Shanghai Clinical Research Center is expected to provide a powerful supportive platform for clinical research, and further create global marketing opportunities for innovative healthcare products developed in China. It is believed, the Center will become an outstanding research center in the global clinical research field in the near future, to be the first mover of the globalization of clinical research in China, to lead and organize multi-central clinical trials, to be a practitioner of the national innovation strategy in clinical research, and a thruster of the Healthcare service industry. Shanghai Clinical Research Center will be surely anticipated to make its historical contributions to the research and development of innovative medicines in China.
By Zhuang Jie