Shanghai Longhua Diamond Processing Zone

Shanghai Diamond Trading Center Longhua Diamond Processing Zone is a municipal-level processing zone with the zealous initiation and strong support of municipality and Xuhui district government, which carries out the State Council’s instruction of “building Shanghai Diamond Trading Center” and municipal government’s programming requirement on “building the largest diamond trading and processing base in the Asian Pacific area”. It works in concert and keeps paces with “Shanghai Diamond Exchange” as an extending match part of it, enjoys together its related referential policies, and the support policy for diamond processing zone, which is given by municipality and district governments.

Shanghai Longhua Diamond Processing Zone Caoxi Road Processing Base has a programming area of 7,600 sq. ms, the current industrial workshops and office facilities of No.1- No.7 Building cover a building area of 24,000 sq. ms, in addition it could extend to build workshops with an area of more than 20,000 sq. ms. Longhua Tourist City Base covers an area of 7,600 sq. ms with a building area of 23,000 sq. ms, in addition it could extend to build new workshops with more than 20,000 sq. ms. After the completion of functions of Longhua Diamond Processing Zone, it is expected to form a primary industrial cluster of diamond processing trading in Shanghai. The number of employment personnel in the region is about several thousand, the processing capacity reaches thousands of carats, the annual output value and trading volume is considerable.

The processing zone is in an advantageous geographical position and the traffic is convenient. Caobao Road Base faces Caoxi Road on the east, Caobao Road and Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center on the south, Qinzhou Road on the west, and leans toward Old Fengxiang Ornaments Processing Zone on the north. It is only 150 meters from the Caobao Road Station of subway, 1.2 km from Mingzhu light rail traffic line, the viaduct of internal loop line is nearby, many public traffic lines have stations there, and it is 6 kms from Hongqiao International Airport. Longhua Tourist Base is located near the ancient temple with a thousand-year history, the tourist resources is rich, the traffic is convenient, the number of tourists is multitudinous, and it is an ideal region for diamond sales and process. It is a ten-minute bus ride to get to Xujiahui commercial circle, which is a primary commercial area in Shanghai, from the processing zone.

The processing zone possesses ready conditions of production and trade, and is about to furnish up various matching service facilities. There are more than 40,000 sq. ms ready buildings for production and trade in the processing zone (among them, Caoxi Road Base has an area of 24,000 sq. ms, Longhua Tourist City Base has an area of 23,000 sq. ms), at the same time it also possesses facilities of water, electricity, gas, communication etc. for production and trade. Some matching facilities are preparing to be constructed and joined in the processing zone, such as the bank, insurance, security guard, express, quickly printing, office, custom, ticket, check, catering, accommodation, etc.