Shanghai Longhua Tourist City

As the prior project of developing China tourist industry, Shanghai Longhua Tourist City is one of the tourist resorts with the largest scale, strength and development potentialities. It is located in the southern part of central city zone, abuts upon the Xujiahui Business Center, which is the trans-century project programmed elaborately and developed by Xuhui District Government. Longhua Tourist City relies on the resources of abundant Buddhism culture of Lonhua area, local culture and culture of revolutionary traditions. Making use of the window function of international and modern Shanghai metropolis, and taking a sustainable development road of harmonizing economy, society and culture, the Longhua Tourist City becomes an urban symbol scenery resort with the characteristics of Chinese Buddhism culture and the folk customs in the southern area of Yangtze River.

Longhua is near the river and sea, and the light of Buddha is omnipresent. It is said that the Longhua Temple and its pagoda were established in the Chiwu years of Three Kingdoms. Longhua Temple has the reputation of “Famous Buddhist Temple on the Sea”, and it is the most famous Buddhist temple in existence with the largest scale and the longest history in Shanghai area. Lonhua Pagoda is called as “The flying pagoda with a thousand-year history” and is the famous resort and cultural treasure in Longhua area, which has long enjoyed good reputation. Moreover, those cultural activities of folk customs have particular styles and lingering charm such as “Longhua Temple Fair” held in March 3 per year and “tolling the Longhua evening bell to see the New Year” held annually..

Longhua Tourist Area is integrated by the Longhua Old Temple, Longhua Pagoda and Taihua Tourist Town as the whole. Longhua Tourist City is established near the Temple, and contains the ancient styles and adopts the new styles. The total area of Longhua Tourist Area covers an area of 31.17 ha. composed of Longhua Old Temple, Pagoda, etc.

Taking the Longhua Pagoda Plaza as the center, Longhua Tourist City has radiatedly constructed many functional areas of tourism, shopping, entertainment, food and beverage, tea ceremony and cultural consumption, and has consummated the tourist matching functions of Longhua famous resorts and tourist spots, which sufficiently embodies the six tourist elements of eating, residing, walking, traveling, shopping and entertainment, brings all-round forth the historical inheritance and pass and the latest achievements in the field of Chinese cultural art, arts and crafts, and dynamically brings forth the brilliant folk customs of China.

The programming area of Longhua Tourist City is about 7.24 ha. The first-phase engineering covers an area of 3.30 ha., and its total building area is about 60,000 sq. ms. The main business scope includes the tourist souvenirs, works of arts and crafts, civil collections, national decorations, leisure, tea ceremony, cultural entertainment, exhibition, food and catering.