Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Xuhui Gardens

Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Xuhui Gardens locate in the national-level development zone—Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park. Relying on the positional advantage of Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, Xuhui Gardens give major priority to develop the hi-tech industries of micro-electronics information, optics-mechanical-electricity integration and modern biopharmaceutics, etc.

It is located in the plot to be explored, which is in the neighborhood of Yishan Road, east of Hongcao Road, north of Qinjiang Road and west of Cangwu Road. Moreover, its positional advantage is quiteobvious. This plot covers an area of 81 mus, and has constructed industrial workshops and colligated buildings on business affairs with an area of 150,000 sq. ms, which are qualified to the entry and developments of various hi-tech enterprises.

The comprehensive service building (steel-concrete composite structure) with an area of 16,000 sq. ms and the standard workshop are located in the crossing of Qinjiang Road and Cangwu Road (No.99 Qinjiang Road), and are the plots to be developed. The greenery area of housing estate accounts for 25%. The road is unblocked, and provides 34 parking lots.
The comprehensive building covers a total area of 9,500 sq. ms, and there are 6 floors in total with the length of 66 m.s, the width of about 16 ms. Moreover, the building is equipped with three 800-kg elevators for guests. Inside the building, the fire fighting facilities are complete, and the water and electricity are available in every floor.

The floor space of modern standard workshop is about 6,000 sq. ms, and there are 5 floors in total. The length of workshop is 50 meters, and the length is about 24 meters. Moreover, the workshop is installed a 2000-kilogram elevator for guests and goods. The capacity of power supply is about 150 kws.

Cooperative Forms: tenancy, cooperation and joint venture, etc.