Shanghai Stadium

    Shanghai Stadium is one of the largest gymnasiums in China, which was constructed and came into use in 1975. The main building is round in shape with a height of 33 meters; the rooftop frame spans a diameter of 110 meters. It can hold an audience of 18,000. In 1999, it was rebuilt. A large two-storey stage of 1,250 square meters with advanced facilities was added. Now it has become the first theatre-styled gymnasium in China. It can accept all kinds of entertainment performances, large-scale sports games, meetings, large-scale exhibitions and so on. The audience capacity can still be maintained about 12,000.
    Shanghai Stadium has many attachments such as the swimming hall, the badminton hall, the table tennis hall, the volleyball hall, the outdoor tennis court, the outdoor three-person basketball court and the gymnastic square, etc. It can conform to all the gymnastic requirements of the people. Embraced by abundant trees, the stadium stands compatibly with the grand 80,000-Person Stadium, which forms a new tourist attraction of the municipal tourism in Shanghai. The geographical location of the gymnasium is of great superiority, with a convenient traffic. The subway, the light rail and many a bus line and tourist trunk line can reach to all the boroughs, counties, sight spots and the neighboring provinces and cities as well. “Home For Athletes” is a foreign-related hotel under the management of the gymnasium. The hotel is neat and comfortable in condition and considerate and excellent in service with reasonable price. Besides, it is an ideal choice of the tourists both domestic and oversea. The hotel has both large and small conference rooms with all complete facilities, and can accept all kinds of business activities of the medium-sized and small enterprises. The stadium’s another attachment-Tianlin Sports Club has top-ranking facilities with complete functions, and its decoration is elegant. It is an extremely fine site for the vast citizens to do physical exercises, to rest and to have recreations. In the new time, Shanghai Stadium is taking “elegant condition, excellent employee and high quality service” as its standard to wholeheartedly serve all circles of the society. It has been endeavoring to develop into a new-style gymnasium with a comprehensive function.