Longhua Temple Fair

Temple Fair Origin: Deep historical and cultural origin

Longhua is a famous ancient town in Shanghai, with nature’s treasures of good products from the earth, and it is a place tends to produce outstanding people. Longhua is the site of Longhua Ancient Temple, which is one of the largest Buddhism jungles in Shanghai. On March 3 of every year, in the season of the peach blossom in full bloom here, the traditional Longhua Temple Fair is held ceremoniously. Longhua Ancient Temple is Laughing Buddha’s rite all through the ages. According to legend, after 5,670 million years in human world, Laughing Buddha was born under the Longhua tree from Tushita Heaven, spreading and carrying forward Buddhism, praying for all living beings, and it is called “Longhua Temple Fair”. Han Buddhism in China takes cognizance of “Monk in Cloth Bag” is the incarnation of Laughing Buddha. It was said the “Monk in Cloth Bag” died in lunar calendar March 3, therefore people hold Temple Fair in lunar calendar March 3 in Longhua Ancient Temple to memorize Laughing Buddha. This traditional activity has been held annually since Ming and Qing Dynasty for 400 years stretching long and unbroken, merchants converge every year, and it is also an unprecedently grand occasion, and nowadays it becomes the largest scale traditional temple fair in Shanghai. The thriving Longhua Temple Fair is also famous for another legend, it was said that on March 15 of every year, people swarm here to see the appearance of god dragon, and pray for fortune. Therefore, it has formed a traditional grand activity. The golden dragon presents an auspicious aspect, which is the unique historical and cultural inside information in Longhua Temple Fair. On every spring, people come here to view, fly and draw the dragon, repose their beautiful wishes to the dragon, and this makes the Longhua Temple Fair become a traditional brand in Shanghai-style urban tourist activities. The Longhua Tourist Site, which is built and improved continuously in recent years, the Longhua Ancient Temple, the Ancient Tower, and the Longhua Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery enhance each other’s beauty, and set off each other’s merits, which forms a modern tourist site in Shanghai with rich folk-custom cultural characteristic, Buddhism cultural characteristic and revolutionary tradition cultural characteristic.

Theme Landscape:Huge Dragon Flies Down Bathing With Propitious Clouds

There is a newly built huge theme landscape, which everyone wants to “stand here and take a photo to be a souvenir” in 2004 Longhua Temple Fair. That is “Huge Dragon Flies Down Bathing with Propitious Clouds”, and it is located in Ta Yuan Plaza in Longhua Tourist City. A huge dragon seems to fly down from the sky, and spirals around the Ancient Tower that has 1,758 years’ history. The overall body of the dragon is interspersed with flowers and grass, which symbolize various lucky contents, such as rich and honor (peony), safety (olive branch), happiness (lotus), kind-heartedness (sun flower), rising to power and position (bamboo), prosperousness (grapevine), handsome (holly), great virtue (heliotrope), and beauty (rose), etc.. The head of the dragon is about 9-meter high, and its whole body has 9 colors of gold, silver, cyan, orange, blue, purple, red, green and yellow. Centering around Longhua Ancient Tower, the huge dragon spirals along wall edge of the tower irregularly and up & down, the dragon tail stealthily sneaks into the entrance of the tower, and naturally combines with the tower, the body of the dragon is shinning in the evening, together with “Eastern Glazed Pagoda ”, it forms a magnificent grand theme landscape, and the moral is that “the dragon is shinning together with ancient tower, glory and prosperousness are created together”. The huge dragon mouth is also installed with special device, when the colorful paper guns are launched at the opening ceremony of “lucky nine dragons fly together with thousands of wishes” activity, the fireworks, which are spurted from huge dragon’s mouth, form seven colorful propitious clouds in the legend, bath the human world, and create the auspiciously, joyous and magnificent festival atmosphere. Ta Yuan Plaza in Longhua Tour Town, which is the place of holding the opening ceremony of 2004 Longhua Temple Fair, is named “lucky huge dragon grand occasion plaza”. Although the “hardwares” are traditional “antiques”, and the charm given out from them absolutely can be called Shanghai Style premium quality.

Theme Activity: “lucky nine dragons fly together with thousands of wishes” activity

At the grand opening ceremony of 2004 Shanghai Longhua Temple Fair, 1,758 Chinese and foreign visitors, and Shanghai citizens got together under the Longhua Tower, which is an ancient tower with more than 1,000 years’ history, and 9 activity areas of main scenic spots in Longhua Tourist Site. After having written down their wishes, they set free 1,758 colorful little balloons to the sky, which were attached to 9 lucky colorful dragons, the balloons not only symbolized the long history of Longhua Ancient Tower of 1,758 years and its luck and happiness, but also reposed and loaded people’s good wishes to homeland, to Shanghai and to establish together the well-off society. In the magnificent view of 9 dragons flying up to the sky, they looked forward to bright future together. The activity has begun to attract the close attention of more and more international travel services, which is considered as a product in spring tour of Shanghai that moves forward the international market. Meanwhile, more and more foreigners who live in Shanghai come here and participate in the activity, and this makes the activity become the international traditional wish-flying activity, which has most folk-custom cultural characteristics.

Unique Brand: “Longhua Temple Street” Shanghai Style Commerce

The “Temple Street” means the business market surrounding famous temples formed naturally for years, and it contains and stores profound traditional culture. Using the concept of “Temple Street”, we have carried on the unique packaging to this year’s business market in Longhua Temple Fair. Commodities that are displayed and sold at “Longhua Temple Street” are invested, supervised and managed according to three factors, which are special sales of fashionable personal brand, native special products, and popularized daily commodities. The tour commemorative handicrafts market is named as “jade belt river shop”; the market that sells the products of tourist scenic spots of old town is named as “flavor flower bridge shop”; and the daily commodities market is named as “spring coming peach blossom shop”. It shows the cultural inside information and specific character of Longhua Temple Fair. The novel overall arrangement of the fair with bookish name and bright color makes people see a kind of brand-new temple fair mode, which is very harmonious with metropolis succinct and lucid and lively style and fashionable and modish Shanghai style of Shanghai people.