Aroma of Tang Dynasty Carnival of Mid-Autumn

The unique festival and celebration with fully historical characteristics in Shanghai


       At the Mid-Autumn Festival, the citizens of Shanghai could have the opportunity to be “the aristocrat of the Tang Dynasty” for one day. In “the Pleasure Pageant and Aroma of Tang Dynasty Carnival of Mid-Autumn” in Guilin Park (or the Osmanthus Park), peoples can put on any Chinese historical costume such as the dresses of the Tang Dynasty at their own wills, play the lost classical games, step on the T-stage which shows Chinese classic costume and obtain a classic portable souvenir of the Mid-Autumn Festival. This unique special Mid-Autumn Festival celebration will become another new fashion for the citizens of Shanghai to spend their holiday in the golden autumn.

  Guilin Park is a famous park in the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, which is classical, elegant and exquisite in style. In the golden autumn, the osmanthus are blossoming and there is flying fragrance in the park. “The Pleasure Pageant and Aroma of Tang Dynasty Carnival of Mid-Autumn” is a traditional feast relied on the centuries-old culture of osmanthus and based on the custom and scene of the Mid-Autumn Festival of the Chinese Nation. One can enjoy the osmanthus flowers, moon cakes, and osmanthus wine to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival happily. The celebration elaborately packages the noble, elegant and profound culture of the flourishing Tang Dynasty. The Mid-autumn get-togethers such as “The Large Show of The Dresses of The Tang Dynasty on The Stage” “The Fireworks and Lanterns Garden Party” “The Starlight Path of Guests in Splendid Clothes” and so on will be organically combined, and become a characteristic tourism product, which will surely attract the celebrities of all circles both home and abroad, the citizens of Shanghai and the tourist groups from China and the other countries as well to participate. In shanghai, which is usually called “Oriental Paris”, the annual splendid pageant of the dresses of the Tang Dynasty had successively invited or attracted some top-ranking specialized fashionable dress show teams such as Shanghai Fashionable Dress Company and Donghua University to participate and perform. After three years’ successful operation, “the Pleasure Pageant and Aroma of Tang Dynasty Carnival of Mid-Autumn”, which is the only large-scale get-together of show of the dresses of the Tang Dynasty on lawn, has become one of the series of activities of Shanghai Tourist Festival 2004. Jointly sponsored by Shanghai Tourism Management Committee and the People’s Government of Xuhui District, “the Pleasure Pageant and Aroma of Tang Dynasty Carnival of Mid-Autumn” will adhere to the principle of “carrying forward the traditional elegant culture of the Chinese Nation”, and preserve its characteristic of “wonderful pleasance, marvelous consumption and exquisite activity”. It will be held on September 28, 2004. In the garden party, the performing “peddleries” in the traditional dresses of the Tang Dynasty will form a historical atmosphere of “the Zhenguan bazaar”. The guests could put on any Chinese traditional historical costume and enter the park to be the leading actors in the specifically designed scene. And at the same time, the guests can sign up and compete for “Star of Tang Dress”, step on the historical T-stage of “The Starlight Path of Guests in Splendid Clothes” to show as much as you like and have the opportunity to win the honor of “Mr. Tang Dress” or “Ms. Tang Dress”. In Datang games plaza, there are various traditional historic games, which the urbanites have never played. The games have been elaborately exhumed and completely packaged, and taken on a particular charm. They could be called a Tang-styled “Carnival”, which include “Li Bai Grabs The Moon” “Ball on 15 Pillars” “Emperor Xuanzong Strikes The Drum” “Wu Gang Breaks The Osmanthus” “Hou Yi Shoots The Sun”  “Official Title Promoting Picture” “Silver Snake Picture Assembling”  “Jolting Sedan-chair under The Moon” and so on. The costumes and properties are hard to see, and the scene is impassioned and grand. The guests can full enjoy the games. Perhaps, they could even obtain some awards through playing games. The guests can take photos when playing games and leave a life-lasting memory. The enthusiast of Chinese historical poetry can even sign up to participate in “The Large-scale Poetry Gathering of Orange Osmanthus and Autumn Charm”, and compete with the famous poets of classical poetry of Shanghai. The activities include “Look Far Away to Pour Out One’s Heart”--composing poems according to scenes, “Game of Beating Drum and Passing Spray of Blossom”--knowledge contest of Tang’s poems, “Ingenious Writing with Couplets”--calligraphy and couplet, and “Be Excellent in Both Sounds and Rhymes”--playing the musical instruments and composing poems impromptu. For the purpose of intensifying the tourists’ illusive feelings of being in the Tang flourishing age, all the consumptions in the park will have to use the true “Tongbao Coin of Emperor Kaiyuan (Li Longji)” that we especially collected. After having enjoyed all the above-mentioned items, the guest will also obtained a portion of souvenirs including portable The Anthology Of Orange Osmanthus, folk-custom bamboo basket, specially-made moon cake, specially-made osmanthus tea, specially-made osmanthus wine and paper artistic lantern and so on, which are all of high value of collection.