The Brief Introduction of the Foreign-Language 110 Emergency Call Work

Since the operation of the 110 emergency call of Shanghai Public Security Bureau, which adheres to the principle of “cracking down cases and offering services”, has won a good reputation in Shanghai, the emergency call number 110 has become a well-known brand in Shanghai. With China’s entry into WTO and the success of the Expo bidding, Shanghai has become the international metropolis and it has been called “the safest city in the world”. To display the good image of the Shanghai police and provide a safe social environment and better service for foreigners who study, invest, live or travel in Shanghai, the 110 emergency center of Shanghai Public security Bureau has offered the brand-new foreign-language service on 1st May on the 10th anniversary of the operation of 110 emergency call.

Up to now, there are 19 volunteers who are all from Shanghai Public Security Bureau with the average age of 28 in charge of interpreting the English, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Arabic and Spanish. Most of the volunteer are highly-qualified graduates from Shanghai International Studies University, Fudan University, Beijing University, Yanbian University in Jiling Province etc, with high level of foreign languages.

When the “110”operator receive an emergency call from the foreigners, they will transfer the phone to the volunteer’s cell phone by way of the “three-way communication” function of the emergency center. The operator asks questions and the volunteer interprets. After getting sufficient information, the operator will send order to the nearest local police substation to deal with the case that the foreigners has just reported. After receiving the order, the local police will get to the site to handle the case as soon as possible. If necessary, the interpreter can also offer the interpretation service to the police on site.

The foreign-language 110 emergency call has properly run for half a year and it has won highly praise by the foreigners in Shanghai. The operation of the 110 emergency call service is just one of the steps that shows Shanghai’s determinations to connect with the international world. And such step is meaningful to promote the investment environment and improve the economy development of Shanghai.