How to use “110” correctly

Ten years of developing the 110 alarm service desk by Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau has gained attention and support from the broad masses that come from all walks of society. Henceforth, we will provide good service to the citizens who may need emergency help as always. The key point in getting emergency help across lies in the correct usage of the emergency call.

1. When citizens encounter any emergency hereinafter, they can dial “110” emergency calls: the ongoing or just occurred criminal and public security cases; like in a situation such as an ongoing or just occurred traffic or fire accidents; in an ongoing or just occurred incidents of dealing with social public security and endangering the safety of people’s lives and properties, who or which maybe in need of emergency treatment; and in the case of the accidents and natural calamities.

2. Provide accurate address. Callers should try their best to provide accurate address to the scene of crime or in the case of an accident (For example, Room XX, No. XX, Lane XX, Road XX). If you really don’t know the specific address, please provide “110” operators with approximate orientation (For example, Road XX near Road XX or some comparatively famous buildings, restaurants and entertainment places) for them to ascertain it.

3. State a case briefly. The alarm reporter should briefly state the contents of a case (an event), such as the fundamental course and the involved personnel, and so on. That will help “110” operators ascertain promptly the nature of the circumstances and the scene circumstances and deploy the correlative police forces to manage.

4. Keep calm. When callers are stating cases, they should do their best to keep calm. If callers are frightened out of their wits and cannot express exactly, they should answer one by one according to the cues of the “110” operator, and trust fully and cooperate well with the work of the “110” operator.


When the citizens encounter a non-emergency situation related to traffic, public security, fire fighting and matter of entry and exit, etc. or provide related clues or consult related questions, they can dial the “Public Security Hot Line” in Shanghai City (24023456). At such occasion, the related functional departments will provide service for you.