Guard houses against theft

1. The building should be equipped with an anti-theft iron door. The old-fashioned bungalow should be equipped with an anti-pry angle iron on the lock so as to form “a double insurance lock”. The enclosed court and “one gate multi-households” should install the general lock. The tenement with good condition should install an alarm device. 

2. The windows of the ground floor and being along the street should install the grill. The distance between the rods won’t exceed 15 cms.. and the transom windows and the exhaust windows should be reinforced. 

3. The cash should not be deposited too much in one’s house, the rest cash can be deposited into the bank, and the account number of the deposit book should be taken down.

4. The cash, jewels, deposit books, securities and valuables should be deposited in some places where aren’t easily discovered by other peoples.

5. Neighbors should take care of each other. If discovering any suspect, one should inform the local police station or dial “110” to inform the police.