Emergency 10 points against a fire of house

1. The early fire is most easily put out. Before the coming of fire trucks, if the people can try their best to rescue, it can always turn peril into safety and pull through danger.

2. Inform the police early. The earlier the police is informed, the less the losses will be. Do remember the fire alarm telephone number of “119” firmly.

3. Put out the fire at first, and then convey the properties. It will create a heavy disaster to delay a moment. When encountering a fire, one should not rescue the properties at first so as to avoid being almost suffocated by smoke or losing the opportunity to survive.

4. Only if the people keep calm and imperturbable, and observe the order strictly, can they withdraw safely from a fire. If the people strive to be the first and fear to be lag behind, crowd with each other, and block the traffic, it will lead to trample on with each other and create the tragedies that shouldn’t occur.

5. If the alleyway of going downstairs is blocked by fire, and no way to survive, one should tear the sheets and tablecloths into strips, form the strips into a cord, then tie the cord firmly on the window frame, and after that, one should slip down with the cord and protect his palm with his end-ridge of a jacket.

6. If the neighboring house catches a fire, never open the door, just jump into the balcony, call for help or escape danger with the above-mentioned method. Otherwise, the hot air and the thick smoke will enter through inattention so as to suffocate the people.

7. When the smoke is too thick, don’t be panic-stricken. One should crawl forward on his knees and elbows because the fresh air always exists near the ground. Watch out! Breathe lightly.

8. If one has to go upstairs, he should hold your breath. That’s because the speed of smoke is 3.5 meters per second, while the speed of going upstairs by man is 0.5 meter per second.

9. When fleeing, one should cover your mouth and nose with a damp towel, and also can damp your clothes and others to cover his mouth and nose with the water in the jardinière, canteen and goldfish bowl. When fleeing with a baby, one can cover his face with a damp cloth, and then he should flee in the way that one hand touch the ground to march forward, and at the same time the other hand is holding the baby.

10. Before fleeing away, one should shut the door of the house that catches a fire. Especially in the building and hotels with many tenements, it will gain valuable time for himself and everybody to adopt the measure, which can block the flame and the thick smoke in one room so as to prevent them from growing like a weed.