Points of escaping with life in the scene of a fire

1. When the fire disaster is coming, one should never cling to any property.

 2. When a fire occurs in a building, the people should be evacuated downstairs under the floor that is on fire. When fleeing, one should never ride in a common elevator.

 3. When one has to flee through the thick smoke, he should try his best to wrap around his body and cover his nose with the damp clothes. After that, he should press his body close to the ground so as to flee away for an exit.

 4. If there is a respirator in the house, one must put it on the head when he is just fleeing.

 5. If the body catches fire, one can roll over and over on the ground, or cover the fire with the heavy clothes so as to put it out.

 6. When the stairway is blocked by the fierce fire and the thick smoke, one can escape towards the neighboring building through a window and a balcony or search for a room without catching a fire or block the window and the door so as to prevent the fire and the smoke from entering into. If the smoke is very thick and the door is burning the hand, it means that the fire has blocked the door, and can’t open the door to survive. At this time, one should fill something in the cracks, splash the water to the door to lower the temperature, and call for help. 

 7. When a fire occurs, one should use all facilities that can be used to survive, such as the life alleviator, life slide and lifeline. These facilities should be fully used to flee from the fire scene.