The Right Way to Make Long Distance Calls ?

IP Card, network Card, WEB Card….In recent days, the numerous and complicated telecom card market appeared a kind of special IP card: IP card only to specific country. Which ones is the most economical in so many cards? 


Foreign Countries to China and China to Foreign Countries  


 The fee of network card is different because of different operators. For the phone call to Germany, the cheap network card is 0.25 yuan / minute, and the expansive fee is 0.4 yuan / minute; the fee of same network card to different countries is different too, in general, the fee of developed countries is much cheaper. 


But, there is one knack that the fee calling from foreign countries to China is cheaper than from China to foreign countries. Mr. Ji, whose son is studying in Germany, has the deep feeling about this. With the same network telephone card, the fee of Mr. Ji calling to Germany is 0.25 yuan / minute, but for his son calling back from Germany is only 0.18 yuan / minute. 


According to the introduction of professional personnel, the difference is because of the different fee agreement signed by the operators of various countries. Sometimes, dial international long distance call by using the foreign card is cheaper than using the domestic card. 


International Long Distance: Web Card, IP Card   


In the past, IP card was the most economical way to make international long distance call. For example, although the fee to make a phone call to U.S.A is 2.4 yuan / minute (local fee not included), but the discount of IP card can decrease to about 0.8 yuan / minute, which is about 60-70 percent off.   


In nowadays, the special IP card subdivides the market, such as: U.S.A and Canada Card, Korea Card, Japan Card etc. Although the fee doesn’t drop, but the discount is relatively lower than general IP Card. 



But the fee of the up-and-coming Web card even much lower than the fee of national long distance. Also call to U.S.A, the fee of most web card is 0.2 yuan / minute, and no local fee. Although the discount of IP card is 90 percent off, which is still expensive than Web card. 


National Long Distance: IP Card, Web Card 


Certainly, for national long distance, IP card is cheaper than Web card. At present, the fee of IP card to make national long distance call is 0.3 yuan / minute mostly (local fee not included), with the discount, the fee can drop to about 0.1 yuan / minute. However, the fee of most Web card to make national long distance is about 0.18-0.40 yuan. 


But then, UNICOM put forward a kind of new web card with the fee for making national long distance is 0.3 yuan / minute. Because the discount of the card is lower than 70 percent off, thus the fee is about 0.09 yuan / minute without local fee, which is much cheaper than IP card. On the other hand, because this card is belonged to UNICOM, so dialing with UNICOM mobiles are all free.  



Source: The Evening News