The Everbright exhibition center

Brief introduction

The Everbright exhibition center is composed of the west exhibition hall and the east exhibition hall. The west hall contains 3 levels and enjoys a specious area with 25000sqm. The ground is covered with special wear resisting material; it can hold more than 1200 standard booths. Further more, it is equipped with central air-compressor, water supply and drainage, Internet access and any other needed facilities. The east hall is at the first floor of Everbright hotel's large build complex. Over 7500sqm areas can hold 322 standard booths. The special and reasonable layout combines the convention and the exhibition harmoniously. As you use the first floor to lauch exhibition, you can use the second floor to hold a Seminar or Banquet. Generally, no matter what kind of the exhibition you want to launch, you can be assured of receiving the best service and the most satisfactory return at Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center.