Applications and Approval of Sports Facilities Run for Profit

I. Responsible Agency

  Physical Education Center of Xuhui District, Shanghai

  Service Address:No. 64, Wulumuqi Nan Lu

  Service Time: 9:00am—11:00am , 2:00pm—4:00pm, Wednesday and Friday



II. Required Materials

1.    Project proposal (name, nature, address and area of the project), printed on A4      paper;

2.   For large-scale sports project, design effect drawing shall be submitted. If the swimming pool must be designed in a spillover style , the respective depth of deep water zone and shallow water zone shall be marked; area shall be marked for the locker room, and the design shall take in account of the requirement that there must be a disinfection stepping pool before the swimmers enter into the swimming pool through shallow water area. Tennis court and squash court, etc. shall indicate by marking whether such is indoor or outdoor and shall carry such data as length, width, height, total area, etc.

3.    Real estate title certificate, proof of lease or planning approval (i.e., certificate of ownership or use right of the real estate; in the case of property lease, the lease agreement and the real estate title certificate of the lessor shall be submitted; in the case of newly built houses, planning approvals shall be submitted).

4.    Topography map (i.e., a 1:500 topography map prepared by the municipal urban construction survey and mapping institute issued by the Shanghai Urban Construction, Survey and Measurement Institute;all the land for the construction project shall be marked out in red and chopped with the chop of construction plan) and the floor plan of the construction (signed by the designer and chopped by the designing institution) .

5.    Certificate of enterprise legal person, approval letter issued by the supervising government department, in the case of joint venture, board resolutions is required (as well as photocopy of its business license).

6.    feasibility study report, in which the following shall be made clear: nature of the project (basic information of the investors), composition of investment (including land building, fitting-up, equipment and business expense, etc.) funding (including sources, nature, amount of the fund, business and profit forecast)

7.    Contract shall be submitted for projects of a cooperative nature

8.    Equipment purchase contract or its copy shall be submitted for projects required to have prior approval.

9.    other relevant materials (e.g., approval issued by administrative authority of industry and commerce, fire prevention authority, environmental protection authority, public health authority and municipal FERTC, etc.).

10.  approval letter issued by the municipal travel bureau is needed in the case of foreign-related hotel.

All the above materials are required in two copies and with chop thereon.


III. Procedures

Applicant files the application to the district social sports direction centre with the above documents. The district social sports direction centre, will, after initial review, submit the application materials to the municipal social sports direction centre. After the municipal social sports direction centre issues approval, the applicant shall then go through the enterprise registration procedures at local administrative authority of industry and commerce.


IV. Relevant Regulations

Regulations of Sports Facilities of Shanghai

Implementing Rules of Regulations of Sports Facilities of Shanghai


 V. Supervising and Complaint-taking Department 

Shanghai Xuhui District Sports Bureau

Telephone of complaint:64373605

 Address:No. 64, Wulu muqi Nan Lu


Shanghai Xuhui District Social Sports Direction Centre

November 17, 2003