Application for “Advanced Technology Enterprise” Status by foreign invested enterprises

I. Conditions:

  1. The applicant enterprise shall be engaging in manufacturing projects falling under the Encouraged Category of Foreign Investment;

  2. The applicant adopts internationally advanced and suitable process, technology and equipment;

  3. The products manufactured by the applicant shall be nationally leading in terms of quality, technology and performance;

  4. The capital of the applicant shall be contributed timely in accordance with the scheduled timeline and has submitted statistics form in good time.  The applicant should file the application to the approval authority after 6 months after it starts production;

  5. If the applicant is a high-technology development enterprise, it is eligible for application notwithstanding that it does not product tangible products.


II. Application Procedure for “Enterprise of Advanced Technology” Status

  1. Required Documents :

  (1) three copies of special report applying for “enterprise of advanced technology”;

  (2) three copies of the application letter for recognition of “enterprise of advanced technology”;

  (3) Certificate of Approval, business license, contract, articles of association and their approval letter;

  (4) feasibility study report of the project of the applicant enterprise and its approval letter;

  (5) capital verification report issued by qualified registered public accountants regarding the capital contribution by the investors;

  (6) technology transfer / license agreement and its approval letter;

  (7) report of inspection and acceptance of the production line of the applicant enterprise;

  (8) assessment opinions of the technology issued by the administrative department and science and technology department;

  (9) other materials as may be required.

2. Procedures:

  (1). The applicant foreign invested enterprise shall submit a special report, along with the documents set forth above, to the supervising government department for review;

  (2). The supervising government department will submit the special report to the municipal FERTC for approval;

  (3). The municipal FERTC will organize the municipal science and technology commission, the municipal planning commission and relevant experts to make field study review;

  (4). After approval by the municipal authorities, approval opinions will be made on the approval form, which will be further submitted to the district government;

  (5). The “Recognition Certificate of Advanced Technology Enterprise” is issued.