Application for “Product Export Enterprise” by foreign invested enterprises

I. Eligible Conditions:

  1. The applicant shall be enterprise which produces tangible export products;

  2. The products are mainly for export (including self-export, commissioned export by foreign trade agent and other export method) in accordance with the contract of the enterprise. Annual export volume shall exceed 50% of the sales volume of all products of the enterprise;(in terms of projects of processing with supplied materials, such volume is calculated based on the total closing value) 

  3. The applicant achieves foreign exchange balance or surplus in its business of the current year (i.e., the realized business foreign exchange income of the current year exceeds the business foreign exchange expense of the same, excluding the surplus carried over from the previous year);

  4. The enterprise makes profit for the current year; its capital has been duly contributed in accordance with the schedules and it has timely submitted the statistics forms. Such enterprises may apply for the status after one year of production.




II. Required Documents:

  1. Documents required to be submitted by foreign invested enterprises:


  (1). Three copies of application letter for recognition of “product export enterprise”;

  (2). Two copies of real performance forms of product export one year prior to such application;


  (3). Two copies of the foreign exchange balance form of the enterprise one year prior to such application;

  (4). Audit report of the foreign exchange balance form and the real performance form of export of the enterprise one year prior to such application, as issued by certified public accountant;

  (5). Other documents as may be required by the approval authority.




2. Procedures:

  (1). The applicant foreign invested enterprise shall submit a special report, along with the documents set forth above, to the supervising government department for review;

  (2). The supervising government department will submit the special report to the district government for approval;

  (3). The “ Recognition Certificate of Product Export Enterprise” is issued