South Korean Online Gaming Giant NCSoft Moves Into New Caohejing International Business Center


South Korean Online Gaming Giant NCSoft recently signed a contract with New Caohejing International Business Center, where it is preparing to set up a software development center. 

Founded in 1997, NCSOFT has been present throughout the history of online gaming. With the online gaming industry now flourishing, NCSoft has taken advantage of its effective marketing capabilities and cutting-edge technology to become world-leader in online gaming. Hits such as Heaven, Heaven II, Blade & Soul and The Tower of Eternity have given the company entry to global markets such as China, Japan and America.
NCsoft China is the strategic core of NCCSoft's operations in China. At the same time as providing technical support for a large number of games belonging to its partners, NCSoft China will also continue to develop and release a wide range of its own games to satisfy the diverse needs of the Chinese market. In addition, it will also be hiring top Chinese developers and teams to develop games for China and the rest of Asia.
(Source: Xuhui District Enterprise Service Center)