Applying for Foreign Investment Enterprise Registration (encouraged category and permitted category)


 Foreign Investment Enterprise submits the following documents:  


1. Application from the Chinese partner of the project to its supervising division, and application from the supervising division (business consulting agency in the case of wholly foreign owned enterprise) to Xuhui District People’s Government;

2. Wholly foreign owned enterprise must entrust an agency that’s qualified for foreign business  consulting service to submit application while presenting the entrust letter (original copy);

3. Certificate of Incorporation (photocopy) from both Chinese and foreign investors from their country (or region) of origin; bank report (original copy) (individual investor provides bank statement and photocopy of ID);

4. Property lease contract (agreement) and property ownership certificate (photocopy) from place of registration and venue of business operation;

5. Company name approval letter from Administration for Industry & Commerce (photo copy);

6. Authorization letter or entrust letter (original copy);

7. Feasibility study report from Chinese and foreign investors, or from foreign service consulting agencies (must be signed by both Chinese and foreign investors) (original copy); 

8. Agreement and regulations signed by both Chinese and foreign investors (only regulations  needed for wholly foreign owned company) (original copy); 

9. Board members appointment letter (original copy); 

10. Supporting documents (for manufacturing or catering businesses) from Environmental Protection Bureau and Health and Epidemic Prevention Bureau;

11. Other supporting materials as needed. 

Prepare the following documents to receive certificate of approval: 
1. Approval documents of contract, regulations, and feasibility study report;
2. Notification letter on the registration of company code for foreign investment enterprise and enterprise with investment from Taiwan, Hongkong, or Macao; 
3. Document acceptance note from Xuhui District Foreign Economic Council Administration and Registration Division.
1. If overall investment exceeds 30 million USD for encouraged and permitted projects, or 10 million for restricted projects, all application documents need to be presented with three copies (one primary, two auxiliary); all other projects require two copies of documents (one primary, one auxiliary), all on A4 paper. 
2. If overall investment exceeds 30 million USD for encouraged and permitted projects, or 10 million for restricted projects, the application needs to be first reviewed by district Foreign Economic Council, then submitted to Shanghai Foreign Investment Commission for final approval.