Q&A on Childcare Holiday for Expectant Father of Late-Childbearing


Q: Who is eligible for this late-childbearing child care holiday? 

A: A married woman gives birth to her first child after twenty-four is considered “late-childbearing”; her spouse is eligible for the three-day child care holiday. So as long as the wife is considered “late-childbearing”, the husband is automatically eligible for this three-day holiday. 
Q: Is there a time constraint for this holiday? 
A: Yes. According to relevant regulation, the holiday must be used within the period of the new mother’s maternal leave.
Q: When an employee enjoys the holiday, can a company write it off as absence from work? 
A: No. According to relevant regulation, an employee enjoying the late childbearing child care holiday should expect full salary during this period. 
(from district Women’s Federation)