Interpretation of 72-hour Visa-free Transit of Foreigners


 1. Q: Who are eligible for applying for 72-hour visa free transit in Beijing and Shanghai?

A: Citizens of the 45 countries that are eligible for the 72-hour visa free transit policy; must hold valid international travel documents and joint-way air tickets to a third country (region) with confirmed date and seat; transit to a third country (region) from Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport, or Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. 
2. Q: Travelers from which countries can apply for the 72-hour visa free transit? 
A: (1)24 Europe Schengen countries including: Austria, Belgium, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greek, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Holland, Poland, Portuguesa, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Swiss. (2) Other Europe countries including: Russia, Great Britain, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine. (3) America countries including: United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile. (4) Oceania countries including: Australia, New Zealand. (5) Asian Countries including: South Korea, Japan, Singapore,Brunei, The United Arab Emirates, Qatar.  
3. Q: For those who are eligible for 72-hour visa free transit, how to apply for transit? 
A: Those who are eligible for 72-hour visa free transit should raise the request to his or her carrier airline that flies to Beijing or Shanghai. The airline report to Beijing or Shanghai airport border inspection authorities, the later then performs a review, before permitting temporary entry.  
4. Q: Can a foreigner who enters the country through 72-hour visa free transit leave Beijing or Shanghai for other Chinese cities? 
A: The foreigner with 72-hour visa free transit cannot leave Beijing or Shanghai Municipal area. If there’s an urgent situation when one has to leave, the person should apply for a visa from Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration of the Public Securities Unit in Beijing or Shanghai according to the law.