How to Correctly Dial 110


Some people may consider making a police emergency report phone call a trivial thing that anyone can do, however, for everyone that is in danger and needs urgent help, whether or not they can correctly make phone calls to the police and get the urgent help needed is a matter of life and death to themselves and to other people. 

A. When a citizen calling 110 to report an emergency, he/she should try to accurately state the address or location of the incident and the basic situation in the shortest time. This would not only raise the successful rate of the emergency call, but also help the police to better deal with the aftermath. 

1. State the address accurately. That is to report as clearly and detailed as possible the address. For example, Road** Number** Room**; If you do not know the exact address, talk about  cross roads, or a famous building, restaurant, or entertainment venue nearby. In short, to report the address accurately in one sentence would help the police to find the place of event and conduct aid work as quickly as possible, which would minimize loss and danger. 

2. Briefly state the case. When stating the case, the person should try to remain calm. If they can’t express themselves correctly under panic, they should answer guided questions one-by-one from the operator. The 110 operator will ask questions according to the situation and make a judgment. Therefore, citizens in an emergent situation should fully trust the operator and cooperate with him/her. 

B. When citizens are in a non-urgent situation or want to make a complaint, they can call Shanghai “Police Hotline” or other functional government departments. Currently the 110 receives over 20,000 phone calls per day, and they are very busy. If non-emergency calls were made to 110, it would take up the resource for emergency situations.