Half Mouthful of Teeth Gained, the “Stern-Faced General” Smiles


The 62-year old Mr. Feng was a retired worker who likes to play Chinese chess. Whenever playing, Mr. Feng always seemed cold and distant, with a stern face. Together with his exceptional chess skills, he was dubbed “the stern-faced general” by people in the neighborhood. However, this was because he’s always in discomfort—he lost all his lower teeth in the past years because of periodontosis. Although he had several pair of dentures, he never got used to them. Eating always felt uncomfortable, food were tasteless, and the denture was painful to wear and difficult to remove. Ever since then, Mr. Feng seldom smiled to show his teeth, therefore was given the nickname of “stern-faced general”. 

Recently, Mr. Feng saw a dental implants advertisement from Wanzhong Hospital in the community. “Gently implanted as if new born”—these words lit up the hope of Mr. Feng. The next day, he got up at dawn, came to Shanghai Wanzhong Hospital with his wife and daughter, and found Xu Qifu, the hospital’s expert and director of dental implants. He asked questions about this dental implants technology and its life span. Doctor Xu told him that it was a high tech work that required an excellent doctor and the most advanced dental implant system to effectively finish. Dental implants procedure could be perfectly safe and pain-free, and the results stable and life-like. At the same time, Wanzhong Dental provides 5 year free warranty and life-time maintenance service, so patients can be worry-free for their life. Senior people’s teeth loss problem is because of periodontosis leading to teeth loosening, and it is very common among the sixty-plus population. Fortunately, the current dental implants technology can completely address the problem, and one’s chewing function will mostly remain intact, just like using the teeth that one was born with. 

After hearing this, Mr. Feng noded repeatedly, and did oral cavity CT with Doctor Xu. Because all of Mr. Feng’s lower teeth had fallen out, Doctor Xu used the semi-fixed bar clasp method, which is to implant three teeth of No. 2, 2, and 3, avoiding nerve-rich mouth corner areas. These three teeth roots implanted can handily fixate the 14 lower teeth denture, greatly improve chewing function and appearance, at the same time save dental implants cost. After two hours, wearing temporary dental crown, Mr. Feng is able to eat. Now three months has passed. The implanted dental roots and alveolar bones are completely coalesced. Having changed to permanently dental crown, the teeth look like new born. The “stern-faced general” finally smiles.