Announcement on Applying for“Xuhui District 2014 Modern Service Industry Funding Projects”

In order to raise the quality and standard of modern service industry in the region, the district established a “Xuhui District Modern Service Facilitating Special Fund”. Xuhui District Commission of Commerce is organizing the application of “Xuhui District 2014 Modern Service Industry Funding Projects”, according to “Suggestions on Facilitating Xuhui District’s Modern Service Industry Development” (issued by Xuhui District People’s Government. No. 30, 2014). Following is the announcement related to the initiative:


A.      Areas of Support

Xuhui District Modern Service Industry Funding Projects are guided by the Modern Service Industry Catalogue of Xuhui District. It is focused on facilitating information service industry, finance industry, professional service industry, R&D service industry, culture and innovation, as well as conference, exhibition, and tourism service industries. By actively cultivating emerging service industries that optimize the region’s resources and possess strong development potentials, the initiative is set to nourish the development of industries of life science, international communication, education and training, modern logistics, etc.


Specially, there are two types of projects in consideration:

1.       Projects that help to build or upgrade industries that are innovative, high-tech, clear in market needs, competitive in market, and can yield good economic and social benefits.

2.       Projects that build public service platforms, which can provide service support in terms of information, technology, human resources, commerce, and finance, in order to improve the overall environment for the development of the service industry.


B. Application Criteria


(1). Criteria on the main body of application:

1 Registered at Shanghai Administration for Industry & Commerce, tax collection and administration within Xuhui District, qualified for legal person, with sound financial system, as well as good tax and accounting records.

2 Revenue from last fiscal year reached RMB 10 million, and the company has been growing in the last a few years, contributing to local economy.

3 Project owner company promises to invest capital and assemble core project team, as to ensure the smooth running of the project according to plans.


(2). Requirement for Project Submission

1. The project must be of product or service that has radiate effect on the district’s service industry and can drive industrialization. The project shall be submitted as a whole.

2. Investment of the project is above RMB 5 million, and investment period is within 2 years (starting June, 2014). The project should be either already in investment stage at the time of applicsation, or has finished early stage construction procedures and is ready to begin operation.

3. Investment on purchasing fixed asset (including the renewal of R&D equipment) makes up no less than 20% of overall project investment.


(3) The following projects are not qualified:

1. City infrastructure projects, such as the building of docks and roads;

2. Manufacture industry projects;

3. Project owner is government department or fully state-funded institution;

4. Project owner who had been rewarded with municipal or district Modern Service Industry Special Fund in the past, applies again before the last project is concluded and inspected; Project owner who had been supported by special funds from the service industry in the past but with unsatisfactory results, applies again.

5. Project that has been supported by other funds on a district level; project or sub-project that is applying for other funds on a district level;

6. Project that mainly caters to government purchase;

7. Other projects that don’t fit the scope and criteria of the funding.


C. Application Materials (material 1-4 are required, 5-8 are optional)

1. Application form for 2014 Xuhui District Modern Service Industry Funding Projects;

2. 2014 Xuhui District Modern Service Industry Funding Projects Summary Sheet;

3. Certificate of Incorporation Registration (photocopy); Tax Registration Certificate (photocopy); Certificate of Organization Code (photocopy);

4. Effective annual company audit report in the recent two years (2012 and 2013); relevant financial statements (including balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statements, statement of stockholder equity). (All photocopies need to be stamped with official seal) ;

5. Project record file (approved), project plan, property acquisition record, environmental impact assessment file, and other documents issued by relevant government agencies that verify the project name, content of construction, and investment scale (photocopy);

6. Production and other licenses issued by relevant departments (photocopy);

7. Project bank loan agreement, equity fund proof document (original copy), other financial source statement (photocopy), evaluation report on the project’s progressive and innovative qualities;

8. Other relevant materials (photocopy):

(1) Certificate of reward to the company from central or local government

(2) Approval document to enlist the project as part of national special plan program (if the project has concluded, an evaluation document is needed);

(3) Intellectual Property proof document (if there are more than 10 patent acceptance letters or patent certificates, please provide a list. No need to provide photocopy for each one);

(4) Certificate of Shanghai’s High & New Technological Enterprise;

(5) ISO quality authentication certificate, environmentalauthentication certificate;

All application materials should be submitted in paper form of 2 copies and in a computer disk that contains all materials.

The application company should be responsible for the authenticity of application materials. Each company can apply for no more than 1 project. Project application materials will not be returned.



D. Application Process


1. Any project owner that meets the above criteria can go to the websites of Xuhui District People’s Government ( or Xuhui District Commission of Commerce ( for relevant information on the notice board. Application Form for 2014 Xuhui District Modern Service Industry Funding Projects can be downloaded from there. Please fill out the form accordingly and submit the project application together with supporting materials.


2. The application acceptance time for 2014 Xuhui District Modern Service Industry Funding Projects (on-site paperwork submission) is from July 14th to July 25th, on workdays from 9:30 to 11:00, and from 13:30 to 16:00. Applicants need to submit 2 copies of paperwork, and a copy of digital file. All paper materials need to be on A4, with double sided printing. They should be compiled into a booklet from the left side with a plain paper cover. No rubber ring or document folder should be used when compiling.


3. Completeapplication files from qualified companies will be accepted on spot. Files that don’t fit application criteria or are incomplete will be rejected.


4. When the project submission is completed, Xuhui District Commission of Commerce will organize projects evaluation, which include pre-evaluation, enterprise credit rating, and formal assessment, under the principles of “openness, fairness, justice”, before finally come to a decision on this year’s Modern Service Industry Projects.


E. Contacts

1. Contact Department: Xuhui District Commission of Commerce

Contact Person: Tang Xiaolin  64872222-3013

2. Application material acceptance department: Xuhui District Modern Service Industry Facilitating Center

Contact person: Jiang Min  6407197015800476856       Zhu Huiqun 13916006550

Address for accepting paperwork: Room 316, No. 550  Hongqiao Road


Xuhui District Commission of Commerce

June 9th, 2014