My colleagues and I
  • District Mayor Fang Shizhong

    leading all work items of the district government

  • Vice District Mayor Wang Hongwei

    In charge of development & reform, finance, fiscal and tax ,statistics, inspection, preparation, suggestions and proposals handling, government affairs openness, administration institute, cooperation and exchange, foreign affairs, Hong Kong and Macao affairs.

  • Vice District Mayor Xu Jian

    In charge of urban building & management, planning and land administration, housing, water affairs, traffic, city appearance & greening, urban management, environmental protection, civil defense, flood control, typhoon protection, earthquake relief, etc.

  • Vice District Mayor Chen Shiyan

    In charge of science & technology, intellectual property right, state-owned assets (collective assets ),commercial affairs, culture, sports, tourism, Taiwan related affairs, ethnic and religious affairs, overseas Chinese affairs, etc.; participate in administration of audit work; contact the Publicity Department of the CPC District Committee, the United Front Work Department of the CPC District Committee and the Federation of Industry and Commerce.


  • Vice District Mayor Lu Yaodong

    Concurrently act as the Director of Xuhui District Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau; in charge of fire protection, traffic safety, integrated management of population and comprehensive management of social security, etc.

  • Vice District Mayor Tan Lin

    In charge of judiciary, human resource, social security, civil administration, people’s armed force, petition work and social stability, etc.; contact the Committee of Politics and Law of the CPC District Committee and the armed forces staying in the district.

  • Vice District Mayor Yan Bo

    In charge of education, health & family planning, sports, market supervision and administration, work safety, women & children, the Red Cross, archiving, emergency management, etc.; contact the trade unions, youth leagues, women’s federation.