• Hengshan Road Eastern “Avenue des Champs Elysees”

    Hengshan Road was constructed in 1922 by Police Consulaire Francaise. The total length of the road is 2.3 km. Moreover, its original name was Avenue Petain, and was renamed as Hengshan Road in October 1943. History of more than 80 years has left Hengshan Road many outstanding historical architectures and humane view for today. One end of Hengshan Road is connected with bustling Xujiahui, which gathers large numbers of young white-collar classes of foreign enterprises; the other end of Hengshan Road is close to the diplomatic district and brown stone district, and large quantities of foreign personnel and people with relatively high social status live there. As the increasing development of Xujiahui business circles in recent years, Hengshan Road continuously exploits the inside information of culture and history, combines business with travel, puts priority on the development of management modes such as the special flavor catering of various countries, the recreational bars, entertainment and health, meanwhile properly develops some premium quality management modes such as the exclusive shops of brand garments and handiworks, etc., promotes special service, builds up a comprehensive elegant consumption area, and it has created unique environmental individual character, enterprise culture and management specialties, and moreover it is making great efforts to build a new Shanghai street, which will be characterized with European style and recreation.