Living Service
  • The Everbright Convention Center Restaurant

    Chinese Restaurant offers a variety of specially dishes from Fujianese, Cantonese, Sichuanese to Shanghaiese cuisine.Venue: 2FOpening Time: 11:00—14:00,17:30—21:00

  • Ambulance and first aid

    Ambulance and first aidThe first thing you ought to know about the local medical service is the emergency call number. You can dial 120 (Chinese service only at the moment) from anywhere. An ambulance car will arrive in a few minutes, which depends on the traffic conditions. The ambulance car will carry you to one of the emergency centers in the city, or the particular hospital you designated, such as the one on your medical insurance list. You will be charged for the service, but the fare won’t be very high, which depends on the emergency treatment you received and the distance from the emergency center to your location. The city has totally 39 first aid stations with 19 in downtown area and 20 in suburbs. In general, you will get the service from the nearest station which you can find from the map on the official Website of Shanghai Medical Emergency Center. Hospitals for expatsThe city has dozens of hospitals, clinics and dentists established for foreigners. Some of them are a part of local hospitals. The list below is from Shanghai Foreign Investment Development Board, which includes a small proportion of all those clinics. You will also get a name list from your consulate-general to the city or offered by your insurance company, which may designate several local hospitals as your insurance-covered spots. Some of them can offer a full range of medical services, such as surgical operation, medical check and in-patient service, while others, such as some small clinics, may give you a diagnosis on some slight symptoms. If you want to see a doctor, you may choose one of them by making appointment through telephone or the Website. Besides the hospitals, dentists are also available for foreigners. You need to make sure whether your insurance will cover the charge or you just pay the bill yourself before go to the dentists, most of which are joint ventures. PharmaciesSometimes, your doctor may give you a prescription for you to buy drugs in drugstores. Go to one of the local drug stores and show the chemist the prescription before you get the medicine from him or her. Drugs in independent drugstores are often cheaper than those in hospital pharmacies, as they often mark up the price to earn profit. Medicines sold in Chinese drug stores may not have their instructions written in English. So, you should get the instruction from your doctor. You can also get the medicine from pharmacies in hospitals, but most of the expat hospitals don't have their own pharmacies. Some expat hospitals also have vaccination services, you may get such kind of information from their Websites.


  • Hengshan Road Eastern “Avenue des Champs Elysees”

    Hengshan Road was constructed in 1922 by Police Consulaire Francaise. The total length of the road is 2.3 km. Moreover, its original name was Avenue Petain, and was renamed as Hengshan Road in October 1943. History of more than 80 years has left Hengshan Road many outstanding historical architectures and humane view for today. One end of Hengshan Road is connected with bustling Xujiahui, which gathers large numbers of young white-collar classes of foreign enterprises; the other end of Hengshan Road is close to the diplomatic district and brown stone district, and large quantities of foreign personnel and people with relatively high social status live there. As the increasing development of Xujiahui business circles in recent years, Hengshan Road continuously exploits the inside information of culture and history, combines business with travel, puts priority on the development of management modes such as the special flavor catering of various countries, the recreational bars, entertainment and health, meanwhile properly develops some premium quality management modes such as the exclusive shops of brand garments and handiworks, etc., promotes special service, builds up a comprehensive elegant consumption area, and it has created unique environmental individual character, enterprise culture and management specialties, and moreover it is making great efforts to build a new Shanghai street, which will be characterized with European style and recreation.


  • Zhang Sheng Ji

    The Head Office of Zhangshengji Restaurant is set in the five-story Zhangshengji Hotel located in 33, Qingchun East Road, Shuangling Road, Hingham NanXiaoBu area, Hangzhou. With the business area of 10,000 square meters, it is an extra-large star enterprise dealing only in food and drink of Hangzhou. In Shanghai, Zhangshengji Puxi branch restaurant is set on the third and second floors of YiTaiLi Mansion, located in Taiyuan crossing of Zhaojiabang Road of Xujiahui area, with the business area of 3,000 square meters. Its environment and decorating style here basically conforms to that of Hangzhou head office by keeping Chinese folk impression. There are two large wood-carved lions in the hall to welcome guests, 38 balconies and two large dining halls. Hangings of ancient woodcarving crafts and china from Jingdezhen can be found everywhere. Here flowers are verdant, atmosphere is elegant, and business is prosperous. When we arrive Pudong New Area through Huangpu Tunnel, and go straight ahead along Pudong road, the beside are the highest tower in Asia "Orient Pearl Tower" and the third highest skyscraper in the world, Jinmao Mansion with 450 meters in height. At the crossing of Pudong road and Yuanshen road, three flashing characters "Zhangshengji" are obviously showed on the top of lofty Wuniu City Mansion. When elevator takes you to the fifth floor, you can see the dining hall of Zhangshengji Pudong branch restaurant with business area of 3,000m2. In the middle of hall, a huge golden figure of MiLe Buddha is sitting up on the platform, exposing his chest and belly, and always laughing to welcome guests from everywhere. Around the hall, there are 32 nicely decorated balconies, but many guests still prefer enjoying their meal beside MiLe Buddha to seek for happiness and fortune. The light Hangzhou Food with "Dried bamboo & old duck" as the representative is perfect in color, scent, taste and appearance, and is greatly appreciated by Shanghai guests. A saying "if you want to have real Hangzhou course, Zhangshengji is the best choice" is very popular along Xiang River. All staff of Zhangshengji Shanghai branch restaurant are wholeheartedly at the service for the warmhearted Shanghai guests.



    General Information   Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), founded in 1896, is one of the universities having longest history in China. It is a national key university which is directly under the State Education Ministry and built by the State Education Ministry and Shanghai Municipality.   Up to now SJTU has established 21 schools, 2 directly subordinate faculties, 4 unspecialized classified schools. There are 55 undergraduate programs, 14 grade-1 discipline doctorate programs, 57 grade-2 discipline doctorate programs, 103 master’s degree programs, and 4 specialized master’s degree programs including Engineering Master, MBA, MPA, Agricultural Spread Master, and etc. There are 16 post-doctorate mobile programs covering science, engineering, arts, management, agriculture, economics, law, education and others. Besides, SJTU possesses 4 state education bases for engineering physics, engineering mathematics, undergraduate cultural quality education and biology technics. It also possesses 16 state key disciplines, 9 Shanghai key disciplines, 9 state key laboratories & ministry key (open) laboratories, 1 state technics transfer center, and 2 state engineering research centers.   Today the total amount of enrolled full-time students in SJTU is up to 23,200, including 14,397 undergraduates, 5,123 master’s degree candidates, 2,314 doctor’s degree candidates, and 2000 foreign students. Main Specialities   Chinese Language   Ocean Engineering   Mechanics   Electrical Information   Biology Science   Economics   Environmental Ecology   Clinical Medicine   Law   Business Administration Address   Address:1954 Hua Shan Road, Shanghai   Zip Cord:200030   TEL:62932277 FAX:62817613