• Jianguo Hotel Shanghai

    Name: Jianguo Hotel ShanghaiAddress: 439, Caoxi Beilu, Xuhui District, ShanghaiStar Rate: Four Star Scenic Spots Nearby: Shanghai Indoor Stadium, Shanghai Stadium, Shanghai Tourism Distribution CenterAdministrative District: XuhuiBusiness District: Xujiahui Opened in 1993; Refurbished in 2007; 455 suites; Tel: 021-6439 9299; Fax: 6439 9433 Jianguo Hotel Shanghai is located in the center of the prosperous business district of Xujiahui, adjacent to the Metro Line 1, the Metro Line 9, the Inner-Ring Road, and Hu-Min Elevated Highway. The hotel enjoys very good traffic convenience, 15 minutes driving away from Hongqiao International Airport and 45 minutes driving away from Pudong International Airport. The hotel offers a good variety of elaborate suites, all equipped with imported sensor electronic locks and internet access. There are also high-class necessities available, creating comfort and elegance for all tenants. There are also executive floors and bars for top-end business people with certain cachet. The entire hotel is covered by wi-fi, connecting you easily with the internet anywhere and anytime. The hotel has a rich cluster of famous restaurants that offer cuisines of different styles, including Small Shanghai Restaurant, Jianguo Japanese Seafood Buffet Dinner, Chu Ting Ge (classic Cantonese food and creative banquet), Okryu Restaurant, Itoya, Coffee Story and Mr Chocolate. The hotel has built a very good reputation for its innovative brand products such as the wedding banquets, super annual party, birthday party and conference experts. Moreover, the hotel is also featuring a luxury ballroom that can accommodate 800 people, the multifunctional conference room, gym with high-end facilities, an indoor swimming pool, business center, stores, a hair salon that meet the diversified demands of the tenants. Convenient traffic, prime location, complete facilities and first-class services of the hotel located in the nationally Grade 4A scenic area of the metropolitan will ensure every tenant a comfortable stay and electronic business or travel experience.


  • Xujiahui Catholic Cathedral

    Xujiahui Catholic Cathedral is a famous cathedral in China and the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Shanghai, hosting the seat of the Bishop of the city. Its official name is St. Ignatius Cathedral (Xujiahui Cathedral). There are the Bishop’s House and the Nunnery by the side of the main hall. The cathedral was originally built in the 22nd year of Emperor Guang Xu in the Qing Dynasty, i.e., 1896. The wood-and-brick building has five floors, with France’s Middle Ages style. The top of the main hall is flanked by two Gothic belfries and spires, 50 meters high each. The statue of Madonna holding the baby Jesus on the altar overlooks the main hall. It is the very center of the entire church. Opening Time:Saturday afternoon: 13:00-16:00Sunday afternoon: 14:00-16:00 Volunteers will lead visitors to tour around the cathedral with half an hour interval. Mass Schedule:Saturday: 16:30 Children Mass; 18:00 MassSunday: 7:00 Bishop Mass 10:00 Sunday Mass 18:00 MassMass schedule remains unchanged during the Spring Festival, with only one day (January 31) open to visitors. Notice: Visitors shall be properly dressed, without exposing shoulders or knees. People wearing slippers or shorts will be forbidden from entry. Address: 158, Puxi Road, Xuhui, Shanghai


  • Shanghai Everbright International Hotel

    From the standard double room to presidential suite, 701 guest rooms in different styles are your first and best choice of business and vacation. Room Type Quantity Photo(Click) Standard Room 186 Business Room 421 Executive Room 27 Business Suite 37 Executive Suite 12 Deluxe Suite 16 Presidential Suite 2

  • The Everbright exhibition center

    Brief introduction The Everbright exhibition center is composed of the west exhibition hall and the east exhibition hall. The west hall contains 3 levels and enjoys a specious area with 25000sqm. The ground is covered with special wear resisting material; it can hold more than 1200 standard booths. Further more, it is equipped with central air-compressor, water supply and drainage, Internet access and any other needed facilities. The east hall is at the first floor of Everbright hotel's large build complex. Over 7500sqm areas can hold 322 standard booths. The special and reasonable layout combines the convention and the exhibition harmoniously. As you use the first floor to lauch exhibition, you can use the second floor to hold a Seminar or Banquet. Generally, no matter what kind of the exhibition you want to launch, you can be assured of receiving the best service and the most satisfactory return at Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center.


  • Industrial Tourism

    Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Caohejing Hi-Tech Park is located in southwest part of Shanghai, abutting Xujiahui Leisure, Shopping and Entertainment Center. Within a stone’s throw from Shanghai South Railway Station and the Airport Express, the hi-tech park is close to a sophisticated transportation network. In 1988 Caohejing Hi-Tech Park became one of China’s 14 national economic and technological development zones and in 1991 a national hi-tech development zone as approved by the State Council. As proved by the State Council respectively in 2003 and 2004, it established a national export processing zone and Pujiang Hi-Tech Park. Covering a total area of 14.28 km2, the hi-tech park is home to World Top 500 enterprises such as CISCO, 3M, Philips and over 120 research institutes, including Shanghai Branch of Chinese Academy of Scienses, Shanghai Institute of Space Propulsion (Office 801), which developed the engine for Chang’e No.1, and Shanghai Nuclear Engineering and Design Institute, which designed and developed Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, the first nuclear power plant in China. The park has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification tests and is accredited by State Environmental Protection Administration as “ISO4000 State Demonstration Zone”. Tourist Destinations and Routes Orientation Chart Map Modern Service Tour suitable for investors, developers and government study missions Science Building――Phoenix Building--Ecological Leisure Center Modern Industrial Tour suitable for industry related persons, study missions from government or businesses, the public Science Building――Shanghai Huigong No.3 Sewing Machine Factory――Ecological Leisure Center Ecological & Scientific Tour suitable for industry related persons, business teams, the public Science Building――Juke Biological Park――Comalong Industrial Town, 3M manufacturing site――Ecological Leisure Center Variety Tour suitable for study and exchange groups Science Building――Shanghai Huigong No.3 Sewing Machine Factory――Phoenix Building――Juke Biological Park――Comalong Industrial Town and 3M manufacturing site――Ecological Leisure Center ________________________________________ Science Building It is the nerve center and the headquarters of the hi-tech park, home to the innovation center, merchant enter, park management and service center, etc. of Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Park Development Corp. The exhibition hall on the second floor of the building showcases the hi-tech results and products of the park. ________________________________________ Phoenix Building Industrial Park It is mainly targeting at institutions and enterprises engaged in hi-tech research and development. It has attracted a number of Top 500 enterprises in the world with its well-rounded supporting services and facilities. ________________________________________ Shanghai Huigong No.3 Sewing Machine Factory It is regarded as “the strongest competitor” by a foreign sewing machine giant. Its HIGHLEAD products have won the title of Shanghai Famous Brand for seven years consecutively from 2000. The visit will unveil the entire process for the creation of industrial sewing machines. ________________________________________ Ecological Leisure Center Mountains, bridge and river, with colorful flowers. A 5000m2 intelligent glass greenhouse creating a worldly Eden. Here you may enjoy the ecological oxygen bar and get a unique experience brought about by technologies. ________________________________________ Shanghai Juke Biological Park It is a biological technology incubation park established jointly by Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, CAS and Shanghai Xuhui District People’s Government. Viewing the closed hi-tech laboratories and the modern biopharmaceutical line is like stepping into a science fiction movie. ________________________________________ Driving Tour - Comalong Industrial Town It is home to reputed enterprises such as Philips, HP, and also a large number of Taiwanese companies. ________________________________________ Driving Tour - 3M China Ltd It is the first wholly foreign-owned enterprise in China established outside the special economic zone. The factory in Caohejing Development Zone is the earliest manufacturing of 3M in China. ________________________________________ Routes Connected to Neighboring Areas Shopping Tour Caohejing Hi-tech Park――Xujiahui Xujiahui, where the ancient and the contemporary converge, is a landmark for experience of fashion and an urban center full of charms. Itinerary: Visit Caohejing Hi-tech Park in the morning; after having lunch at the park, go shopping at Ecological Leisure Center; then leave for Xujiahui, visit Xu Guangqi Memorial Hall, Catholic Cathedral, or go shopping at Grand Getaway Plaza, Oriental Department Store, Metro City, Best Buy, etc. and have dinner at Xujiahui. Taste of Culture Caohejing Hi-tech Park――Former Residence of Madam Song Qingling, Marshall Mansion, taste the moments of classic eternity, and listen to the melody of poems. Itinerary: Visit Caohejing Hi-tech Park in the morning; after having lunch at the park, go shopping at Ecological Leisure Center; go to former residence of Madam Song Qingling, Marshall Mansion and La Villa Rouge, etc. in the afternoon. Meet-up with Fasion Caohejing Hi-tech Park――Hengshan Road in the night Itinerary: Visit Caohejing Hi-tech Park in the morning; after having lunch at the park, continue the visit in the afternoon; go to Hengshan Road at night for dinner and enjoy the wonderful night life of Shanghai.