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  • Service for Certifying the Eligibility of Children of Taiwanese for Admission to Education Institutions(Overseas Chinese Affairs and Taiwan Affairs Office)

    Service Address:Room 508, No. 218, Wulu muqi Nan Lu Service Hours:8:30am-11:30am, 1:30pm-5:30pm, Mon-Fri Eligible Applicants: student from Taiwan。 Procedures and Required Materials:Certificate of the enterprise (institution) of the parents of the Taiwan student, Pass for Taiwan residents to come to mainland, and Certificate of temporary residence。 Procedures: those who want to apply for admission to institutions of higher learning, secondary specialized schools or senior high schools in this Municipality may seek advice from the Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) of the district or county. After providing relevant certifying documents and upon the examination and verification by the leadership of the district or county TAO, proof of status certification will be issued.The above service is free of charge.


  • Service of Certifying the Status of Overseas Chinese, Returned Overseas Chinese、 and Their Relatives (Overseas Chinese Affairs and Taiwan Affairs Office)

    Service Address:Room 508, No. 218, Wulu muqi Nan LuService Hours:8:30am-11:30am, 1:30pm-5:30pm, Mon-Fri Eligible Applicants:Overseas Chinese: Chinese citizens with permanent residence abroad;Returned Overseas Chinese; overseas Chinese resident back in China;Relatives of Overseas Chinese: relatives of overseas Chinese and returned overseas Chinese, who are resident in China. Procedures:1. The status of Relatives of Overseas Chinese is certified by the district Overseas Chinese Affairs Office (“OCAO”). Materials required:evidence showing the relation between the relative and the overseas Chinese or returned overseas Chinese;2. The status of overseas Chinese is certified by the OCAO of the municipal, district or county level government. Materials required:certificate of overseas residence and its Chinese translation;3. The status of returned overseas Chinese is certified by the OCAO of the municipal government. Required application materials for status certification of returned overseas Chinese:written application letter; records in the archives of the applicant regarding overseas birth, living or working or certificate of overseas residence of the applicant and its Chinese translation. Procedures:The applicant files the application to the district OCAO, which will verify the relevant facts and then issues a letter and the application materials to the Domestic Division of the Municipal OCAO, which will decide whether to recognize the status based on the specific situation of the applicant. The district OCAO will then notify the applicant of the result. Making of Certificate of Returned Overseas Chinese (the “Certificate”): Returned overseas Chinese, whose such status has been certified, are required to provide the district OCAO with two one-cun recent photos and to fill in the returned overseas Chinese investigation form. The district OCAO will send, in a package, the photos and the investigation forms to the Domestic Division of the Municipal OCAO, which will make the Certificate. The district OCAO will then deliver the Certificate to the returned overseas Chinese. In the event that returned overseas Chinese loses the Certificate and applies for re-issue, the applicant needs to provide a one-cun (=1/3 decimetre) recent photo, cost of Certificate making and a written statement of the loss, which should be confirmed by the district OCAO with its chop on. Then the above materials will be submitted to the Municipal OCAO for making the Certificate. Legal Basis for Such Administrative Approvals: 1. PRC Law for Protecting the Rights and Interests of Returned Overseas Chinese And Their Relatives of September 7 1990, as revised on October 31 2000; 2. Implementing Measures of PRC Law for Protecting the Rights and Interests of Returned Overseas Chinese And Their Relatives of July 19 1993; 3. (Trial) Circular Explaining the Identity of Overseas Chinese, Returned Overseas Chinese, Overseas Chinese Students, Returned Overseas Chinese Students and their relatives, promulgated by the Overseas Chinese Office of the State Council(Guoqiaofa [1984] No.2) ; 4. Reply regarding the Recognition of Identity of Returned Overseas Chinese, issued by the Overseas Chinese Office of the State Council ([92] qiaoneizi No.019) ; 5. Measures of Implementing PRC Law for Protecting the Rights and Interests of Returned Overseas Chinese And Their Relatives of Shanghai of November 27 1992, as revised on July 12 1999. The above service is free of charge.


  • Application for “Advanced Technology Enterprise” Status by foreign invested enterprises

    I. Conditions:  1. The applicant enterprise shall be engaging in manufacturing projects falling under the Encouraged Category of Foreign Investment;  2. The applicant adopts internationally advanced and suitable process, technology and equipment;  3. The products manufactured by the applicant shall be nationally leading in terms of quality, technology and performance;  4. The capital of the applicant shall be contributed timely in accordance with the scheduled timeline and has submitted statistics form in good time. The applicant should file the application to the approval authority after 6 months after it starts production;  5. If the applicant is a high-technology development enterprise, it is eligible for application notwithstanding that it does not product tangible products. II. Application Procedure for “Enterprise of Advanced Technology” Status  1. Required Documents :  (1) three copies of special report applying for “enterprise of advanced technology”;  (2) three copies of the application letter for recognition of “enterprise of advanced technology”;  (3) Certificate of Approval, business license, contract, articles of association and their approval letter;  (4) feasibility study report of the project of the applicant enterprise and its approval letter;  (5) capital verification report issued by qualified registered public accountants regarding the capital contribution by the investors;  (6) technology transfer / license agreement and its approval letter;  (7) report of inspection and acceptance of the production line of the applicant enterprise;  (8) assessment opinions of the technology issued by the administrative department and science and technology department;  (9) other materials as may be required. 2. Procedures:  (1). The applicant foreign invested enterprise shall submit a special report, along with the documents set forth above, to the supervising government department for review;  (2). The supervising government department will submit the special report to the municipal FERTC for approval;  (3). The municipal FERTC will organize the municipal science and technology commission, the municipal planning commission and relevant experts to make field study review;  (4). After approval by the municipal authorities, approval opinions will be made on the approval form, which will be further submitted to the district government;  (5). The “Recognition Certificate of Advanced Technology Enterprise” is issued.


  • Approval of Cultural Relics Donation

    Approval of Cultural Relics Donation [Project No.:(    )]1. ScopePRC citizens, government agencies, enterprises and public interest enterprises, foreign friends, overseas Chinese and foreign citizen of Chinese origin.2. Required Documents background information of the donor, documents of the donor, method of donation, other requirements of the donor, the type, quantity, amount and use of the donation.3. Legal BasisThe PRC ConstitutionProvisional Regulations of Acceptance of Donation from Abroad and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan by Cultural Relics Institutions and Museums.4. ChargesNo charge.5. ProceduresConduct research and verification of the donated cultural relics and historical materials; issue the value certificate of the donated cultural relics and historical materials; issue Certificate of Donation Acceptance. 6. Timingwithin 10 working days after application acceptance.7. Responsible personChen jingyou.Telephone:643803388. Responsible departmentOffice of the Cultural Relics Management Committee of Xuhui DistrictAddress:4th, No. 80, Nandan Dong Lu. Postal Code:2000309. Telephone Line for Complaint64380836


  • Applications and Approval of Sports Facilities Run for Profit

    I. Responsible Agency  Physical Education Center of Xuhui District, Shanghai  Service Address:No. 64, Wulumuqi Nan Lu  Service Time: 9:00am—11:00am , 2:00pm—4:00pm, Wednesday and Friday  Telephone:64335089 II. Required Materials1. Project proposal (name, nature, address and area of the project), printed on A4 paper;2. For large-scale sports project, design effect drawing shall be submitted. If the swimming pool must be designed in a spillover style , the respective depth of deep water zone and shallow water zone shall be marked; area shall be marked for the locker room, and the design shall take in account of the requirement that there must be a disinfection stepping pool before the swimmers enter into the swimming pool through shallow w