• Foreign Affairs Office

    Foreign Affairs Office of Xuhui District People’s Government is a functional department of the district government taking charge of foreign affairs of Xuhui District. 1. Main Responsibilities 1. Be a good assistant and advisor for the district government in foreign affairs. Provide advisory service on formulation of regulatory rules and work plans for foreign affairs of the district; inspect the implementation of the relevant departments and units of the district of foreign policies and foreign laws and regulations; coordinate major foreign affairs work and foreign related activities; be responsible for handling or assist in handling major foreign affairs. 2. Conduct foreign affairs investigation with focus placed on economic development and opening-up of the district and provide opinions and suggestions for the district government to make decisions on foreign-related work; facilitate economic development and social development by leveraging the channels for external exchanges. 3. Review foreign-related files which are submitted by various departments and units of the district to the district government for approval; review and handle the specific application procedures for the district’s temporary business trips to foreign countries and the relevant matters for inviting relevant foreign personnel; handle the passports and visas for persons of the district that are on business trips to foreign countries. 4. Be responsible for organizing reception of foreign guests visiting the district; receive personnel from consulates-general of foreign countries located in Shanghai that are conducting official activities, planning and making arrangements for foreign affairs of leaders of the CPC Committee, the NPC, the government, the CPPCC of the district. 5. Know about and check the activities of teams and personnel of the district who are making business trips to foreign countries; summarize periodically the business trips made by the district to foreign countries and receptions of visits made by foreign people. 6. Manage the district’s contacts with foreign friendly cities and other institutions, with which the district has established friendly ties, and handle the application procedures for establishing friendly ties with foreign counterparts; guide the nongovernmental contacts with foreign counterparts. 7. Manage and guide the relevant departments or units in receiving and arranging for interviews and picture taking by foreign journalists. 8. Manage or guide the relevant departments in managing foreign experts and overseas training; handle or assistant the relevant units in handling important matters related to foreigner management. 9. Be responsible for the education on foreign policies and foreign affairs discipline for personnel engaged in foreign related work and foreign related persons; organize the foreign policy training by foreign affairs leaders; summarize and communicate the work experience of the district in foreign affairs. 10. Support and assistant the district CPC Committee’s Publicity Department in external communication and foreign affairs education for the public; provide the publicity materials on international situation, foreign policy and major international issues, in conjunction with the external approaches for various departments of the district; jointly review key foreign-related press release articles of the district and other relevant articles. 11. Implement conscientiously the Code of Conduct for Foreign-related Persons; support the discipline inspection, supervision and confidentiality departments in inspecting the implementation of foreign affairs discipline and confidentiality rules; provide the relevant department with timely opinions and suggestions on addressing any violation of foreign affairs discipline. 12. Handle matters concerning foreign affairs assigned by the district CPC Committee, the district government and the foreign affairs department.